May 24, 2018


Group joint mobility
Followed by...
Burgener warm up
Every 2 minutes for 6 minutes
Hang snatch x 2
*Start at a light-moderate weight and build
Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
Snatch x 1
Take this time to work on technique. If you are new to this movement, keep the weight light. If you are comfortable with snatch, build over the 5 sets.
Metcon (Time)
Hang power snatch 95/65
Box jumps 24/20"
Immediately into...
Power snatch 115/75#
Box jumps 30/24"
*The weight should be light for both portions of the metcon. If it isnt, scale back and keep the weight there for the entire workout. Also, if you arent comfortable with the 30/24" box jump, please feel free to keep it at the lower height.
Optional Accessory
Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
1) 20 Straight body ceiling reaches
2) 10-15 Slow GHD sit ups
3) 45 Second plank hold (weighted if possible)
4) Rest

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