June 18, 2018


3 sets
10/7 Calorie bike
5 Bootstrap squats
5 Yoga push ups
10 Jumping lunges

Followed by...

Hip activation drills
Back Squat
Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes
Back squat x 5 @ 70%
5 Seated box jumps

*The goal with the seated box jump is to be as explosive as possible. I would rather see someone jump and land with straight legs on a 20" box than jumping and landing on a 30" box in a squat just because it looks cool. ;)
Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
Fight gone bad style
15 Minute EMOM
1) Wall balls 20/14
2) Box jumps 24/20" (Step down only)
3) Push press 95/65#
4) Assault bike calories
5) Rest (write down scores)
*For big classes, group up with teams of 4 and start on different movements to avoid too much equipment on the floor.
**Score it total reps so make sure you have a whiteboard!!
Optional Accessory
400m Farmer Carry
*Please do not drop the kettlebells on the carpet
**Use a weight that you can get at least your first 100m unbroken. From there it should be challenging and you should have to rest a few times.

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