June 13, 2018


Coaches choice
Metcon (Time)
For time
50 Calorie Row
5 Rounds "Cindy"
40 Calorie Row
4 Rounds "Cindy"
30 Calorie Row
3 Rounds "Cindy"
20 Calorie Row
2 Rounds "Cindy"
10 Calorie Row
1 Round "Cindy"
Time Cap: 25 minutes

*Score is time. If you dont finish under the time cap, your score is 25 + however many reps you have left.

Example. if you have 28 reps remaining at the time cap, your score would be 25:28
Cool Down
10-15 minutes of coach led mobility work. This could be stretching, barbell smashing, banded work, etc.

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