February 8, 2018


Warmup/ Conditioning:
Min 1 15/10 Cal Bike
Min 2: 40 Airsquats
Min 3: 5-8 Bar Muscle Ups or :45 Man Makers
Min 4: 40 Double Unders
**Scale all efforts to sub :45 work
Strength WOD
"Dimes of Death"
1 Round per person, sharing bars and using spotters.
Load 1 Barbell with multiple small weights of the same size, 5#s or 10#s. Estimate the highest weight you could get 10 reps of bench press.
Do 10 Bench Press, rack the bar and spotter removes 1 set of weights, do 10 Bench Press rack the bar and spotters remove 1 set of weights... continue untill finally doing 10 Bench Press with the unloaded bar...
2 Min Plank
**Rest 1 min
Tabata Hollow Rocks
**Rest 1 min
2 Min Plank

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