April 25, 2018


2 rounds
10/8 Calorie bike
10 pvc pass throughs
5 Bootstrap squats (Slow)
Followed by...
Empty barbell snatch review/technique work
Snatch complex
Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
1 Snatch lift off + 2 snatches
*Bring the bar to your knee. Pause for 2 seconds focusing on keeping tension in your hamstrings, drop the bar, reset, and then do your snatches. This is not meant to be touch and go.
**Start light and build over the sets
***If you have a large class, please start half of the room on the odds and the other on the evens.
Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
10 minute AMRAP
Power snatches 95/65#
Overhead squats 95/65

*With remaining time, row or bike for max calories
Score: Total calories on the rower or bike
Optional Accessory
*Please only perform this if you don’t intend on coming into the gym tomorrow

"Booty work”
3 sets
10-12 Glute ham raises
Immediately followed by…
15 Barbell hip thrusts
Immediately followed by…
15 Band pull throughs

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