April 24, 2018


Group joint mobility
Followed by...
Burpee flip cup
Set up Dixie cups on boxes and when the coach signals "go” everyone must complete one burpee. Once everyone has completed a burpee, athlete 1 will then flip the cup as many times as it takes to make it land right side up. Once that happens, everyone does another burpee and athlete 2 will then flip the cup. Teams will repeat this until one of the teams finishes.
Metcon (4 Rounds for time)
Every 5 minutes for 20 minutes
Run 400m
15 Chest 2 bar Pull ups
10 Deadlifts 225/155
*Scale to make sure you are getting done in no more than 4 minutes. You can scale Chest 2 bars to pull ups, scale weight, etc.
Cool Down
Remainder of class
Banded mobility with emphasis on low back/hips/lats
Optional Accessory
12 minute EMOM
1)Bench Press x 8-10 + 10 push ups
2)20 banded overhead tricep extensions
3)10-12 Hammer curls

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