April 18, 2018

April 23-27: Bring a friend week!

May 12th: 5 year anniversary party!!

Coaches choice

Followed up by Empty barbell technique work (5-10min)
Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
1 Clean lift off + 1 Clean
*Start light and build
**The goal of the lift off is to teach athletes to keep their chests up and to establish a good bar path from the floor.
***Score is heaviest weight successfully lifted.
Metcon (Time)
150/100 Calorie assault bike or row
*Every 90 seconds complete 2 Cleans 155#/105# + 2 bar facing burpees
Time cap: 15 minutes
*The faster you get done, the less work you have to do :)
Optional Accessory
*If you plan on being at the gym tomorrow, do not do the optional accessory work
3 sets
15 Hip extensions
Rest 30 seconds
15 Russian kb swings (heavy)
Rest 2-3 minutes

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