April 16, 2018

April 23-27: Bring a friend week!

May 12th: 5 year anniversary party!!

Knee pulls, quad pulls, high knees, Sampson lunges, etc.

*Spend a little bit of time talking about how to properly brace your
Back squat
5 reps at 60-65%
3 reps at 70-75%
2 reps at 75-80%
1x20 @ 65%
***You must go unbroken without re racking the barbell. If you didn’t test your back squat before the program started, start with a reasonable weight. You will build by 5lbs every time you do this over the next few weeks so it is important to stick to your percentages and add your scores to Wodify to keep track!
Metcon (Time)
Push Press 175/115#
*Row 250/200m between sets
*12 minute time cap
**Weight should be challenging but unbroken. Please scale accordingly.
Cool Down
Cool down (If time permits)
2:00 Couch stretch (Right)
2:00 Couch stretch (left)
Optional Accessory
5 minute assault bike at 50% effort
*This will help flush your legs out after the 20 rep back squat. This is to be used as a recovery.
3x20 Russian twists

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