Lets Talk Creatine

Lets talk about Creatine...
What is creatine?
"Phosphocreatine" is associated with power output and prolonged muscle use. When you train, it depletes and muscle fatigue is triggered. Increasing creatine with supplementation has been proven to help increase "phosphocreatine"
In short, creatine increases muscle endurance, strength, and power.
How should I take creatine?
You should take 5-10 grams per day for optimal results. In most cases, the suggested use is around 5 grams.
Safety of creatine
I invite you to look at an article that was done in regards to creatines safety as it can be much more elaborate. Please take a look at this link and check out this interview by Dr. Richard Kreider, PhD who happens to be a creatine researcher and supplement expert. Here it is:
Who should use creatine?
EVERYONE! In my opinion, it is the single most effective dietary supplement for enhancing your anaerobic performance (high intensity training) as well as increasing lean body mass.
To conclude, creatine is a great supplement to help you get your training to the next level.
For any further questions in regards to supplementation, feel free to message me or just talk to me at the gym.
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