Brian Ellis

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I started Crossfit in March 2013 and its the best decision I have ever made. I love the competitive side it brings out in each person as well as working as a team to push each other when you think you can't physically do anymore. I have been involved in sports my entire life, which I guess you can call it an addiction and Crossfit has been nothing less. Crossfitters are one of a kind that's all we talk about so, if you join you will feel right at home. The only people who understand "us" is us. I encourage everyone to come out and try it, it will change your life forever. Crossfit isn't just for anybody its for everybody!!! The coaches/trainers at Crossfit Pandemic are by far the best coaches out there, but even more so, they are better people.
My goals are to get my first muscle up and conquer the "Dubbs".
"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever"

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