What's Going On?

May 22, 2013

Jim Doing Squats

Warm Up:

Group Warm Up




Goblet Squat



For Time:

10 Press

15 OHS

20 Push Press

25 Front Squat

30 Push Jerk

35 Back Squat

115# Men / 75# Ladies


Cool Down:

4 Minutes Max Effort Double Unders

May 21, 2013


3 rounds

5 Ring Dips

5 Ring Pull Ups

5 Ring Push Ups

5 Ring Rows


Muscle Up Progressions

*If you have less then 10 consecutive pullups work pullups

*Advanced EMOM 5 min of 3 Muscle Ups


Row 1000m

20 GHD Situps

Row 750m

40 T2B

Row 500m

60 Sit Ups

Cool Down:

Group Stretch

May 20, 2013

Corola OHS


Row 500m

20 Toe Touches

20 Step Deadlift Walk

20 Punter Kicks

10 Inch Worm to Cobra

Row 500m




* 60 sec rest (Complete 5 pass throughs each rest period)



5 rounds for time:

Run 400m

15 OHS 95/65#

Cool Down:

3 rds not for time:

a) ME L-Sit

b) 10 Banded GH Raise

Calling all Pandemic Member-Athletes

Inspirational Photo of Overweight Excerciser

Alright Pandemic Nation!

We have a HUGE request!!!

Ok maybe not that huge... The Goal is to create a page for each and every one of you on the website. Our intent is to make you guys a part of the Pandemic Family! This gym is 100% about you guys, and YOU are what makes it great! We are going to build an index of our Pandemic athletes so there are no unfamiliar faces.

So here is what we need from you:


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