What's Going On?

May 30, 2013


2 rds of

500m row @ 75%

Rest 1 min

250m row @ 90%

Rest 1 min

125m row @ 100%


Row 5K for Time

* For every minute over 15 min athlete will complete 5 burpees immediatly upon completion

*EX: 22 min 5k row would then complete 35 burpees (7min x 5 burpees per minute)

Cool Down: Group Rumble Roll

May 29, 2013


50 Double unders

50 Squats

20 Dips

10 Pullups

10 Pass Throughs

5 Skin the Cats


15 Min Muscle Up Progressions

May 28, 2013


Row 1000m @ 65%

Run 400m @ 65%

Group Joint Mobility


"CrossFit Total"

Establish 1 RM Back Squat

Establish 1 RM Press

Establish 1 RM Deadlift

*Take no more then 15 min per lift, Fail no more then twice before moving on.


2 min ME Abmat Situps

May 27, 2013

***Memorial Day Schedule***

8 am and 10 am Class Only





Memorial Day schedule will have two class times, 8am and 10am. We will be closed the remainder of the day in observance of the holiday.

We are in the process of building our athlete profiles on CrossFitPandemic.net. We have recieved and posted a few, but are still waiting on profile information for ALL of our Pandemic Family. Please send the following to brettpanceroff@hotmail.com at your earliest convienience, it will be a great way to build the Pandemic Community.


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